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The Urbfit training method is a performance based system maximizing all fitness levels. 



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Led by over 20 years of fitness training and athletic performance.


Walt Carvalho is an Ultimate Fitness Trainer with 20 plus years of combined athletic performance and fitness training experience. He successfully applies his knowledge and skills into transforming individuals and groups in their pursuit to become better in athletics, health and lifestyle performance.


Walt is certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist providing essential insight into the human movement system. Corrective Exercise programs and analysis are established and taught to you to guarantee your proper form and movement patterns. Always perform great form and movement with purpose!


As a certified Golf Fitness Specialist Walt focuses on your body as a complete movement system as it applies to your golf swing. We then work together to maximize your ability to generate more power, develop more accuracy and prevent injury. It is time you reached that higher level of performance!





  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Golf Fitness Specialist

  • Mobility Stick Certified


National Academy of Sports Medicine